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SBB Management - Make a Payment Online

Pay Your HOA Dues Online

Do you pay your homeowners association dues with a paper check? Most people do, even while paying other bills through automatic deductions from a bank account or online. That’s because more than half of all landlords, apartment managers and associations don’t accept online payments.

Here are directions to help pay your HOA dues online:

How to pay your HOA dues online: https://propertypay.cit.com

Two options to make payment (lower left of the home page):

    1. eCheck (direct debit from checking account)

    2. Credit card (bank accepts American Express, MasterCard and Discover). Note that on credit card payments, the billing address of the credit card must be the same as the property address. This is a security measure.

After selection of the payment method, you will be prompted for checking account/credit card information along with property information. Scroll down until you see a facsimile of the payment coupon/remittance slip. Below that are seven fields to be entered. Below are one through five. The last two are checking account number/routing number or credit card number/expiration date.

    #1 – 0020 (management company ID)
    #2 – 000412 (Association ID for Village of Oak Park)
    #3 – Village of Oak Park (Association name)
    #4 – SBB Management Company (management company)
    #5 – Association account number – Enter your account number with no dash ex. Account # 00123-4567 would be entered 001234567

    Enter the amount to be paid and submit the transaction.

The bank will email you back with a CAB reference number and state that the transaction has been received. In a couple of days, a second email will be sent showing that the transaction was successfully processed. SBB will receive the funds, credited to the homeowner account, in a daily download.

Note that the bank has a fee schedule for credit card payments shown on the website.

To ensure that payments are processed timely, allow at least five business days prior to the end of the month. Also shown on the website.